The 2016 edition of the Advised Platform Report is the most comprehensive analysis of advised platforms you’ve ever read.  It includes extensive data and critical analysis on the financial performance of 26 advised platforms who together account for more than 95% assets of the advised platform sector.

The report includes;

  • Analysis key metrics including AUA, revenue, pre-tax profit, pre-tax profit margin, yield on asset, P&L Reserve Account over the last 5 years. 
  • FinalytiQ Financial Performance Rating for 26 platforms and summary factsheets on each provider
  • Platform pricing charts in % and £
  • Platform Survival Matrix, to help advisers assess the long-term sustainability of platforms.
  •  Key insight on re-platforming, technology, consolidation and their likely impact on advisers and clients.
  • Key productivity metrics including revenue per client, revenue per staff to benchmark platforms and support their business planning. 

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Aimed at financial advisers and asset managers, the Great Guide to Risk-Rated Multi Asset Funds is an in-depth analysis of 67 fund families/ ranges consisting of 308 individual funds from 46 asset managers with a total of £84 billion clients’ assets. 

The report includes;

  • Extensive data, charts and insight on 67 risk-rated/risk-targeted multi-asset fund propositions.
  • Analysis key metrics including cost, asset allocation, volatility and performance over various time periods. 
  • FinalytiQ Multi-Asset Suitability Ratings for 67 multi-asset propositions. 
  • Summary factsheets and ‘Efficient Frontier’ charts for the most popular fund ranges
  • Key market trends and regulatory implications for asset managers and advisers.

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We are beyond chuffed to introduce the maiden edition of our SIPP Financial Stability Guide. We teamed up with SIPP industry veteran John Moret aka ‘Mr SIPP’ to provide an unprecedented insight into the financial performance of non-insured bespoke SIPP providers.  The report is an in-depth analysis and benchmarking insight on the financial stability of 18 non-insured bespoke SIPP providers, who together account for more than 90% of the market.  The report covers the following;

  • Key market trends and implications for providers, advisers and clients;
  • Extensive data on number AUA, No of SIPPs, Percentage of Non Standard Assets as wells as Revenue, Profit, Profit Margin and P&L Account Reserve over the last 5 years;
  • Providers’ capital adequacy requirements and amount currently held by firms as well as the new requirement under FCA paper PS14/12 due in Sept. 2016; and
  • We award a FinalytiQ Financial Stability Rating to each of 18 providers, together with a summary of the key issues facing them to give advisers an indication of their long term viability.

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Economics of Direct Platforms & Robo Advice

NEW! This report looks at trends in the financial performance and profitability of direct-to-consumer platforms over the last four years. The platforms covered in this report together account for more than 80% of the total AUA in the direct-to-consumer market.

  • D2C Platforms: The report includes comprehensive data on the revenues, profits/losses. yield on assets, profit/loss margin and P&L Account Reserve of 16 D2C platforms.  How do direct platform stack up in terms of financial performance and profitability? How has the unprecedented growth in AUA reflected in the bottom-line of platforms? How have platforms faired from financial performance point of view; and how we poised for poised for the future? The growth in the sector hasn’t been without some casualties, as evidenced by the number of consolidation and withdrawal from the market place. Who are the winners and losers going forward?
  • Robo advice: With changing retail distribution landscape, robo-advice is all the rage right now. We know that discussions are going on in boardrooms and providers/asset managers are wondering if robo-advice is the next big thing, although very few of them are actually queuing up to launch robo-advice propositions. So we thought we’ll do a little bit of poking around into the economics of robo-advice, but as robo advice market is still a bit nascent in the UK, we look at the developments across the pond. We looked at the capital funding, AUM, fee model and estimated revenues of top 10 roboadvisers in the US!

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Guide to Platform Profitability (2015): Cracking Under Pressure

Welcome to the second edition of the Platform Profitability Guide.  One year seems like a long time in platform land; since our last report, a raft of events have brought the importance of profitability and the long-term sustainability of platforms to the fore.  We think this is a good thing. 

The guide is a detailed analysis of trends in the profitability of advised platforms over the last 4 years. It includes comprehensive data on the revenues, profits/losses. yield on assets, profit/loss margin and P&L Account Reserve of 23 major adviser platforms, who together account for more 90% of the total AUA in the adviser market.We know that the FCA is conducting its long-awaited thematic review into adviser due diligence, so advisers must leave no stone unturned. The purpose of this report is to help advisers assess the long-term sustainability of platforms. Profitability is crucial and should play a key role in adviser due-diligence and selection because deep pockets of a parent company just aren’t enough. 

For platforms, this report offers market insight based on robust facts and figures to support business planning and validate strategy. Those who bought the guide last year told us that it’s a great way of keep tabs on their competitors and  as an independent validation of their strategy.

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Pound Cost Ravaging: Volatility Drag, Sequencing Risk & Safe Withdrawal Rates in Retirement Portfolios’

We’re beyond thrilled to present a new white paper ‘Pound Cost Ravaging: Understanding Volatility Drag, Sequencing Risk & Safe Withdrawal Rates in Retirement Portfolios‘ 

Published ahead of the upcoming Retirement Income Conference, this paper is a deep dive into how the combination of sequencing risk and volatility drag is exacerbated by portfolio withdrawals, resulting in ‘pound cost ravaging.’ This subtle, yet dangerous risk is often ignored and could wreak major havoc to clients’ retirement plans.

In the paper, we present some insight into the latest research on Safe Withdrawal Rates for UK clients, a useful foundation for advising clients on how best to ensure their retirement pot doesn’t run out before they do.

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Guide to Platform Profitability

This guide is designed as an essential complement to other guides in the marketplace which support advisers’ platform selection process (notably pricing guides by our friends at the lang cat and The Platforum). We believe that profitability is a key dimension in the platform due diligence  and we plan to update the guide regularly to help advisers assess the long-term viability of their platform partners.

The guide looks at trends in the profitability of advised platforms over the last three years. It covers 20 major platforms, who together hold more 90% of the total AUA in the adviser market.

The report covers the following;

  • Key Profitability Metrics – AUA, revenue, profits/losses, yield on assets and profit/loss margin over the last 3 years
  • AUA per headcount, to get some idea of operational efficiency of platform providers
  • Profit and Loss Account Reserve to see who’s got a hole in their books.
  • Overview of trend towards technology outsourcing in the platform sector and the implications of ‘re-platforming’ for adviser businesses and clients asset.
  • We even come up with our very own FinalytiQ Platform Profitability Rating TM. Yup, that’s right… TM! We rated 20 platforms and provide a summary analysis on each provider; who has a chance in the market in the longer term and who needs to get their act together.

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