Inside The Great Guide to Risk-Rated Multi-Asset Funds: 

  • Extensive data, charts and insight on 67 risk-rated/risk-targeted multi-asset fund propositions. 
  • Analysis key metrics including cost, asset allocation, volatility and performance over various time periods. 
  • FinalytiQ Multi-Asset Suitability Ratings for 67 multi-asset propositions. 
  • Summary factsheets and 'Efficient Frontier' charts for the most popular fund ranges. 

It's the most comprehensive research you've ever read on risk-rated multi-asset funds!

Aimed at financial advisers and asset managers, the research benchmarks 67 fund families/ ranges consisting of 308 individual funds from 46 asset managers with a total of £84 billion clients’ assets. 

Specifically designed to support advisers' investment process, the guide addresses key issues that are central suitability, client outcomes and the intergrity of risk profilling/portfolio matching, with serious implications for advisers and asset manager.  

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Small Advider Firms (<10 RIs) £499 + VAT

Asset Mangers/Providers£4,999 + VAT

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