Using empirical evidence to improve investment and retirement outcomes…

Since inception, we have built a reputation for using empirical data to help financial planners and providers deliver better outcomes to clients.

Our Services
Here’s how we deliver our best ideas to financial firms; 

βetter Portfolios 


The text should read: Betafolio is the UK’s premier turnkey asset management provider (TAMP) offering flat fee, low-cost, evidence-based, discretionary model portfolio service exclusive to financial planning firms.


Timeline is the sustainable withdrawal rate software used by financial planners in the UK, US and other developed countries around the world. Timeline app isn’t a crystal ball. Timeline uses extensive empirical research, asset class returns, inflation and mortality data to assess how a retirement strategy might fare under various market conditions.

Critical Insight

Benchmarking Reports 

We spend a great deal of our time researching and benchmarking investment products, platforms, asset managers, DFMs and SIPP providers based on a range of metrics designed to support adviser’s selection and inform the provider’s competitive positioning in the marketplace. Our findings are published in form of reports, which are licensed to advice firms and providers.

What Our Clients Say

Chris Smeaton

This is excellent – refreshing, honest, real and insightful. Finally a piece of research, which looks at platforms as real businesses, not theoretical IT concepts. Sustainability is the elephant in the room and this shines a light on it in a way which I’ve not seen in a long time.

Ian Fraser

FinalytiQ carry out out firm-level research for our Investment Processes along with Platform Due Diligence and two individual client reports. We were impressed with the quality of the research that we decided to outsource all our research work to them.

Tim Page

This guide will save advisers several hundred pounds worth of chargeable time gathering and analysing the data for themselves. It also highlights two key issues which will affect the viability of platforms in the near future: unbundling and re-platforming.