For Financial Advisers/Planners

Since inception, we have built a reputation for providing critical technical support to help financial planners and advisers run their businesses profitably and efficiently.

  • Investment Proposition: We work with firms to create and deliver robust investment propositions for their clients. We currently influence well over £750M through our research, analysis and due -diligence work for advisers. Typically, our services include;
  1. Review, critique and documentation the Investment Philosophy and Process
  2. Portfolio design/review and risk mapping
  3. Writing up quarterly/bi-annual client commentaries
  4. Asset allocation and fund selection
  5. Manager selection and due diligence including discretionary/multi-asset managers
  6. Platform selection and due diligence
  7. Sitting on Investment Committees, providing independent and  expert view to strengthen overall proposition.
  • Betafolio is our unique offering of 10 Evidence-Based Portfolios designed based on time-tested investment principles, which draws on decades of academic research. Learn more

For Providers/Platforms/Asset Managers

We spend a great deal of our time researching and bench-marking platforms, pensions and investment products and providers. This means that we have a deep understanding of the marketplace and a working knowledge of the criteria that advisers use in their product and provider selection. Platforms and providers leverage our unique insight to strengthen their adviser propositions.

  • Research & Benchmarking:  We benchmark platforms, asset managers, DFMs and SIPP providers based on a range of metrics including our Financial Stability Rating™ designed to support adviser selection process and inform provider’s business planning. Our Guide to Advised Platform is very popular with providers looking to gain a deeper understanding into the viability of propositions in the marketplace, even if it ruffles some feathers!  Learn more
  • Proposition Development: We work with platforms to develop products and propositions, analyze their positioning in the marketplace and strengthen their relationships with advisers. We help them identify their distinct advantages (and weaknesses) and build propositions that present this to advisers in a compelling way. Through research-based content and thought-leadership, we’ve built a reputation for spreading the disinfectant of sunlight on the darkest corners of investment and platform world, holding providers to account, advising and helping them create products that are fit for purpose.
  • Thought-Leadership Content: We help platforms create engaging and research-based content for their adviser community.