Monthly Retainer Financial Planning Isn’t Viable. Or Is It?

This is another one of my interviews at T3 Conference in California last week.

Alan Moore is the co-founder of XY Planning Network, a network for financial planners working on monthly retainer with Gen X and Gen Y clients.

I guess no one told him when he set up the business in 2014 that retainer fee model isn’t viable for financial planning? Actually, they did. Most people in the industry laughed him off or told him it was a stupid idea.

2 years and 360 financial planners later, guess who’s laughing now?




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Riskalyze shakes up risk profiling, eyes UK market

I sat down with Aaron Klein, CEO of Riskalyze at the T3 Conference in Califonia last week to talk about how his firm is taking client risk profiling to a whole new level.




Riskalyze automatically analyses a client’s portfolio and identifies if the portfolio is in line with their risk tolerance. In just a few clicks, advisers can stress test portfolios for a variety of market scenarios and calculate a client’s probability of meeting their goals.

It’s Asset Sync functionality pulls in data on client accounts held with thousands of institutions (custodians, banks, workplace retirement plans etc). … More →

RIP Robo Advisers, Long Live Robo for Advisers

I’m in Carlifornia this week, attending the T3 Advisor Conference. The event features an impressive array of technology solutions available to US advisers. From portfolio management, account aggregation, financial planning, to CRM, client reporting, client acqusition and lead-generation.

So, I caught up with my friend Michael Kitces to talk about some of the key trends in the adviser fintech space and what this means for financial planners.






Want in-depth research-based insight on retirement income? Join leading academics, researchers and financial planners at the Science of Retirement Conference on the 1st of March, 2017.



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Colin Lawson: A simple marketing strategy that brought in £400m assets

In part 2 of their interview, Colin Lawson  talks about the marketing strategy that has helped in firm grow asset over the years.  Seminars and events play a huge role in Equilibrium’s marketing process, and Colin talks the thought process that led the firm down that road.


What do you think? Does event play a role in your marketing? What works and what doesn’t? We’ll like to know!


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Colin Lawson: How a 3½ adviser firm turns over £5m

No one will contest how incredibly difficult it is to scale a financial advice business. The conventional wisdom is that you need an army of advisers to achieve this; after all advisers are the ones who bring in the clients, deliver the financial plans and are pivotal to retaining the clients.

In this video, Colin Lawson, Founder and Managing Partner at Equilibrium Asset Management talks about how he’s structured the firm very differently than most in the industry and how this has enabled the firm to scale. The business has 3½ – yes Colin is the ½, around £400m assets

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Seb Dovey: How technology is changing advisers’ relationships with HNW clients


In this final part of our video series with Seb Dovey, the cofounder of wealth management consultancy Scorpio Partnership talks about roboadvisers and how technology in general is redefining the adviser-client relationship.

According to the 2014 World Wealth Report, 66% of NHWI’s would consider switching financial firms due to their digital shortcomings. And High Net Worth Individuals are demanding access to digital wealth management capabilities, regardless of age. 57% of HNWI’s expect their wealth management to be primarily digital within the next 5 years.

While Seb does believe that human advisers will be completely displaced by technology, he does

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Advice Triggers: Why the wealthy seek out a financial adviser

Have you ever wondered what triggers HNW clients to seek out a financial adviser? What events in their lives prompt them to seek out financial advice?

In this video – the second of a 3 part video series, Seb Dovey of Scorpio Partnership talks to Abraham Okusanya about the role of what he calls ‘money emotions’ which prompt HNW clients to seek out a new wealth management relationships. These trigger points generally involve a change of status – such as change of jobs, sale of a business and change in marital status.

Seb also points out that financial advisers often

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Seb Dovey: How the wealthy choose a financial planner

What Seb Dovey doesn’t know about wealthy individuals is probably not worth knowing. He’s dedicated his entire career to studying the behavioural patterns of High Net Worth (HNW) and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs).

Seb founded the Scorpio Partnership in the 1998, to advise companies on how to delight the world’s wealthy during their client journey. The firm has conducted more surveys and interviews of High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth clients than anyone else in the industry and advised over 300 institutions. It’s annual FutureWealth Report is one of the most comprehensive study of U/HNW clients

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Christmas Special

Thank you all for being amazing in 2014! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!… More →

Jason Butler: Building A Financial Planning Business That Last Generations

In this video, Jason Butler of Bloomsbury tells a very inspirational story of how he pulled himself and the firm from the brink of bankruptcy and transformed the business into one of London’s top boutique wealth management firms.

Jason, who started the business 16 years ago, nearly went bankrupt having spent £250K of his own money and about the same amount of the bank’s money. Thankfully, he and his team found a way to turn things around and the business is now completely owned by the senior management, with no debt and very strong financial controls. The business now looks … More →