a vibrant, irreverent and evidence-based research consultancy working with financial planners and providers to improve client outcomes.

What we do for financial advisers, platforms and asset managers

Investment Propositions

We work with financial planning firms to create robust evidence-based investment propositions. We influence well over £1billion of client assets through our research and due-diligence work for advisers.

Rating & Benchmarking

We benchmark investment products, platforms, and providers based on a range of metrics designed to support the adviser’s due-diligence and inform the provider’s competitive positioning in the marketplace.

Retirement Income

Our extensive research on sustainable withdrawal strategies is relied upon by planners to deliver robust retirement income advice and by providers to create products that are fit for purpose.

A few who have tasted a little bit of our AWESOMENESS!
What Our Clients Say

Paul Cleworth

The team at FinalytiQ took the time to understand our business, our clients, how we work, how we think and how we like to engage with our clients. I am incredibly thankful to work with such a well organised and resourceful firm. FinalytiQ have given me the gift of time.

David Gibson

We use FinalytiQ to assist us with our platform and investment due diligence as we are really impressed with the attention to detail and depth of knowledge. Our interactions with the team are always friendly and they make working with them easy.

Tim Page

FinalytiQ’s Platform Guide will save advisers several hundred pounds worth of chargeable time gathering and analysing the data for themselves. It also highlights two key issues which will affect the viability of platforms in the near future: unbundling and re-platforming.

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Parmenion price change: Smoking strong stuff

Parmenion price change: Smoking strong stuff

Parmenion was one of the very few decent platforms. The tech is good, the service isn't too shabby, and the UI doesn't make you want to puke. Which is more than you can say for most adviser platforms. At 30bps, it not cheap - but many advisers use it because the...

Platform Report 2021: Field of Dreams

Platform Report 2021: Field of Dreams

FinalytiQ’s Platform Report 2021 ‘Field of Dreams’ is here! Including our notorious Financial Performance Ratings. The report focuses on the financial performance of the platform businesses, not their parents. We’ve trawled through numerous annual accounts and...

Breaking the prediction habit

Breaking the prediction habit

“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future!” Niels Bohr Human beings love to make predictions. Just look at the extraordinary growth of the gambling industry. Twenty-four hours a day, you can place a bet on anything from the number of throw-ins...


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