Advised Platform Report 2016

£300£3,000 +VAT

The 2016 edition of the Advised Platform Report is the most comprehensive analysis of advised platforms you’ve ever read! No, really. 

It’s packed full of extensive data and critical analysis on the financial performance of 26 advised platforms who together account for more than 95% assets of the advised platform sector. The report includes;

  • Analysis of key metrics including AUA, revenue, pre-tax profit, pre-tax profit margin, yield on asset, P&L Reserve Account over the last 5 years. 
  • FinalytiQ Financial Performance Rating for 26 platforms and summary factsheets on each provider
  • Platform pricing charts in % and £
  • Platform Survival Matrix, to help advisers assess the long-term sustainability of platforms.
  •  Key insight on re-platforming, technology, consolidation and their likely impact on advisers and clients.
  • Key productivity metrics including revenue per client, revenue per staff  inform providers’ strategy and business planning. 

For small adviser firms (less than 10 RIs), there are 2 options.

  • Advised Platform Report : £300 + VAT. For that, you will get an electronic copy of the report. .

For Platforms/Providers/Large advisory groups (10 or more RIs):

  • £2,999 + VAT . For that, you get an electronic version of the guide. This is for use within your business only and not to be shared with anyone outside your firm.

If you want to distribute the report for your adviser community, we’re more than happy to talk about that. Get in touch. Where an advisory firm is part of the same group as a provider or asset manager, the provider’s rate applies.

If you are unsure which rate applies to you or you prefer us to invoice you directly, please email: abraham@finalytiq.co.uk.

(Note that VAT would be added to the prices displayed below)

£300£3,000 +VAT


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3-in-1 DueDil Combo (Small Firms) – £850.00, Advised Platform Report (Large Firms/Provider) – £2,999, Advised Platform Report (Small Firms) – £299


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