Guide to Risk-Rated Multi Asset Funds

£499£4,999 +VAT

We offer 2 types of licenses, depending on your firm. Please select the correct option below;

  • Small Adviser Firms (less than 10 RIs) : £499 + VAT . For that, you will get an electronic version of the guide plus the excel data template if you buy before 20th September. This is for use within your business only. Not to be shared with another adviser outside your practice, OK? Thank you.
  • Asset Managers/Providers/Large advisory groups (10 or more RIs): £4,999 + VAT. For that, you get an electronic version of the guide plus the excel data template if you buy before 20th September. If you want to distribute the report for your adviser community, we’re more than happy to talk about that. Get in touch.

Inside The Great Guide to Risk-Rated Multi-Asset Funds:

  • Extensive data, charts, and insight on 67 risk-rated/risk-targeted multi-asset fund propositions.
  • Analysis key metrics including cost, asset allocation, volatility and performance over various time periods.
  • FinalytiQ Multi-Asset Suitability Ratings for 67 multi-asset propositions.
  • Summary factsheets and ‘Efficient Frontier’ charts for the most popular fund ranges.

It’s the most comprehensive research you’ve ever read on risk-rated multi-asset funds!

Aimed at financial advisers and asset managers, the research benchmarks 67 fund families/ ranges consisting of 308 individual funds from 46 asset managers with a total of £84 billion clients’ assets.

Specifically designed to support advisers’ investment process, the guide addresses key issues that are central suitability, client outcomes and the integrity of risk profiling/portfolio matching, with serious implications for advisers and asset manager.

Where an advisory firm is part of the same group as a provider or asset manager, the provider’s rate applies.

If you are unsure which rate applies to you or you prefer us to invoice you directly, please email: abraham@finalytiq.co.uk.

(Note that VAT would be added to the prices displayed below)

£499£4,999 +VAT


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Asset Mangers/Providers £4,999, Small Advider Firms (<10 RIs) £499


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