Podcast 021: Jason Butler – From The Brink of Bankruptcy To London’s Top Boutique Wealth Firms

In this Adviser Hangout podcast, Jason Butler of Bloomsbury tells host Abraham Okusanya a highly inspirational story of how he went from nearly bankrupt to building one of London’s top boutique wealth firms.



Jason started the business 16 years ago and nearly went bankrupt, having spent £250K of his own money and about the same amount of the bank’s money. Thankfully, he and his team found a way to turn things around and the business, is now completely owned by the senior management, with … More →

Podcast 020: Nick Blake – Vanguard Runs Its Business At Cost And Passes ‘Profits’ To Its Investors

Welcome, to episode 20 of the Adviser Hangout podcast! I’m simply thrilled to introduce our guest today, Nick Blake is the head of retail at Vanguard UK.


In this interview, Vanguard UK Head of Retail Nick Blake speaks to Abraham Okusanya about how Vanguard’s business structure is designed in a way that completely aligns the  interest of its ‘shareholders’ and its clients. Vanguard deliberately runs its business at cost, and passes any ‘profits’ to its investors by lowering fund costs. Nick noted that while the … More →

Podcast 019: Rob Stevenson- Creating Enterprise Value In Financial Planning Businesses

Welcome to the latest episode of the Adviser Hangout Podcast; the podcast for financial planners and advisers. It’s all about the business of financial planning.My guest on this podcast is Rob Stevenson of Kingmakers and today we are talking about how to build enterprise value in financial planning businesses.


Rob know an awful lot about this stuff; he has undertaken over 200 due diligence exercises and completed 34 M&A transactions, ranging from the purchase of modest practices as the owners retire, to complex private equity … More →

Podcast 018: Chris Williams – Making Online Investment Advice Work

In this podcast, WealthHorizon CEO Chris WIlliams talks to Abraham Okusanya about how his firm is set to take advantage of the opportunity to deliver online investment advice to the mass market.

The IFP board member and former Ashcourt Rowan Financial Planning CEO thinks that the market for online execution-only services is overcrowded but there is very little by the way to low cost advice for the ‘less confident investors.’ His firm delivers regulated advice online, including assessing clients goals, risk profiling and portfolio recommendation. … More →

Podcast 017: Phil Billingham – Benchmarking UK’s Top Financial Planning Firms

Have you ever wondered what the top UK financial planning firms have in common? What’s the average size, turnover and profit? What sort of tools do they use in their practices?

In this podcast, Abraham Okusanya speaks to Phil Billingham, a highly regarded industry consultant and founder of Phil Billingham Partnership.

Phil recently carried out some research (in conjunction with the Institute of Financial Planning) to benchmark IFP’s Accredited Planning Firms, which are some of the best planning firms in the UK. In … More →

Podcast 016: Steve Martin – Walking The Talk As A Lifestyle Financial Planner

On this session of the Adviser Hangout Podcast, Abraham Okusanya talks to Steve Martin of Smart Financial about how he runs his UK-based lifestyle financial planning firm, while he and his family lives in Spain!

A big part of a financial planner’s job is helping clients figure out what kind of life they want and working with them to design, and ultimately achieve that lifestyle. But here is a question every financial planner needs to ask Am I living the life I want? Am I More →