Multi-Asset Fund Report 2019 

The 2019 edition of the Multi-Asset Fund Guide is the most comprehensive study of UK risk-rated multi-asset fund families. This guide is an in-depth analysis of 89 fund families consisting of 391 multi-asset funds in which £125.7bn of client’s money is invested.

What You Can Expect?

Extensive data

Insight on 89 risk-rated/risk-targeted multi-asset fund propositions.

Efficient Charts

Excel-based charts that enable users to compare the risk-adjusted performance of each fund family with the whole universe.


Analysis of key metrics including cost, volatility and performance over various time periods.


FinalytiQ Multi-Asset Ratings for 89 multi-asset families.


to the latest edition of the Multi-Asset Fund Report

For the last few years, we have published an annual study of the multi-asset fund universe. The result of our latest study is as heart-wrenching as previous years; the overwhelming majority of multi-asset fund managers don’t add any value through their asset allocation and fund selection. In fact, they detract value.

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Featured Topics


Our research was based on FE Analytics’ Risk-Targeted Multi-Asset Solutions (RTMAS) and includes other prominent multi-asset fund families not included in the RTMAS universe.

Multi-Asset Scoring

The Multi-Asset Ratings are designed to demonstrate whether a fund family achieves adequate returns for clients given its cost and the risk borne by the investor.

Benchmarking Funds

This year, we are focusing on the usage of the No-Brainer portfolio as our main benchmarking tool.

Fund Costs

We’ve found once again that fees within the multi-asset space remain high, eating into net returns that would otherwise directly benefit clients.

Ranking Criteria

We have adapted our ranking criteria this year to reflect a number of factors that are key not only to high quality returns, but also to the psychological process.

Fund Family Scores

Fund family ratings arranged alphabetically and by rank. 

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