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Welcome to FinalytiQ

We are analysts, researchers and consultants. We spread the disinfectant of sunlight on the dark corners of investment and platform world.

We are a vibrant, insanely brilliant research consultancy working with financial planners, asset managers and wrap platforms.

Investment Propositions

We work with financial planning firms to create robust investment propositions. We currently influence well over £750M  of  client assets through our research  and due-diligence work for advisers.

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Research & Reports

We produce high-quality reports that enable advisers deliver client outcomes in a compelling and compliant way. From client-specific planning and recommendations reports to industry guides  and white papers, we’ve got it covered.

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Platform Consultancy

Through our market analysis and thought-leadership, we help platforms and asset managers identify their distinct advantages (and weaknesses) and build propositions that are fit for purpose.

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Clients: Those who have tasted a little bit of our AWESOMENESS!

I’ve always enjoyed Abraham’s work – not many people manage to cut to the chase in such fine style. Although some may be uncomfortable with him turning over stones that they would prefer to remain untouched, his drive to improve future standards should be lauded and applauded rather than feared.
David Ferguson, Nucleus CEO

Latest Posts

Bad Index Funds Deserve Death

Bad Index Funds Deserve Death

Yup, you read that title right! We’re going ‘dark’ with this one. You’ve been warned! Read on at your own peril. If we are to believe the media, there’s a price war raging between index fund providers. And so, a key focus of our Evolution... read more
7IM Crashes Dimensional’s Party

7IM Crashes Dimensional’s Party

Much has been written about the so-called price war between providers of index products, but that’s only half truth.  While there is some competition between index fund providers in the main asset classes such as core UK and International equity, a closer look... read more

Abraham Okusanya

Abraham is the principal at FinalytiQ, having started the business in the spare bedroom less than 3 years ago. What seemed like a terrible idea at the time is shaping up to be a force for good in financial services. A Chartered Financial Planner and CFP Professional with nearly a decade’s experience, Abraham holds a Master’s degree from Coventry University and more financial services qualifications that he or anyone else cares to remember.