… the sustainable withdrawal rate app!

  • Evaluate withdrawal strategies from income drawdown portfolios 
  • Stress test various asset allocation models, fees and time periods
  • Help your clients visualise likely outcomes at every stage of retirement!

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Our members have access to the most comprehesive independent research and due-diligence support availaible to financial planners!



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…a great way to help clients visualise investment risk and return.

You tell clients about investment risk and return all the time. But what if you showed them?

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We are analysts, researchers and consultants.

We help financial planners and providers deliver better client outcomes.

We spread the disinfectant of sunlight on the dark corners of pension and investment world.


We are a vibrant, insanely brilliant research consultancy working with financial planners, asset managers and wrap platforms to improve client outcomes.

Investment Propositions

We work with financial planning firms to create robust investment propositions. We currently influence well over £750M  of  client assets through our research  and due-diligence work for advisers.

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Rating & Benchmarking

We benchmark platforms, asset managers, DFMs and SIPP providers based on a range of metrics including our famous Financial Stability Rating™  designed to support adviser selection process and inform provider’s business planning.

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Through our market insight and analysis, we help them identify their distinct strengths (and weaknesses) and build propositions that are fit for purpose.

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I’ve always enjoyed Abraham’s work – not many people manage to cut to the chase in such fine style. Although some may be uncomfortable with him turning over stones that they would prefer to remain untouched, his drive to improve future standards should be lauded and applauded rather than feared.
David Ferguson, Nucleus CEO

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