iQFolio is a flat-fee, low-cost, evidence-based turn-key model portfolio service (MPS) exclusive to financial planners and their clients.

Betafolio Control Center application – included with iQfolio purchase

Intelligently Designed Model Portfolios

With iQFolio, financial planning firms can access a range of services that enable them to focus on delivering core financial planning and behavioural coaching to clients, while delegating time-consuming tasks such as portfolio construction, rebalancing, due-diligence and tax optimisation to us.

Adviser's Alpha Enhanced

Our ongoing portfolio governance frees up time to focus on helping clients avoid behavioural mistakes that often damage returns.


Low Cost

The typical annual charge for the portfolios is 0.25%, which means clients have the best possible chance of meeting their goals, at a low cost.

Global Asset Allocation

Global diversification means that Betafolios are less susceptible to country-specific risk and capture returns across different capital markets around the world.

Risk Rated

The portfolios are mapped to major industry risk profiling tools and rigorously tested to ensure they are within the specified risk/return parameters.

Elegantly Curated Client-Ready Content

What separates iQFolio’s turn-key MPS from discretionary model portfolio services is that the adviser firm is in control of the overall proposition. We work collaboratively with firms to administer the mandate on platforms, under the advice firm’s brand and regulatory permission (i.e. no discretionary permission is required).



What you’ll receive:

Branded model portfolios

Classic & ESG

Custom platform due diligence


Portfolio stress-testing (bull and bear charts, max losses and gains etc)


Client-ready commentary/articles


Portfolio updates


Portfolio snapshot


Performance analysis (including benchmarking against peers and multi-asset fund range):

Quarterly license


Branded investment process document


Investment committee meeting

Annual (Group)

Portfolio mapping to risk profiling tool


Multi-asset fund panel



A few popular questions we get asked.

What is Evidence-Based Investing?

It’s simply the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current empirical evidence in making investment decisions. It draws on extensive empirical data, research by leading academics and practices of institutional investors to deliver consistent investment success to clients.

What about cash?

We suggest 2% cash allocations in the portfolios. Drawdown portfolios can have a higher allocation to cash, but the cash account should be excluded from the rebalancing process.

Do you work with providers/networks/platforms?

Absolutely. Give us a call.

How do you collect fees?

All fees are collected by Direct Debit using the GoCardless payment system. Monthly invoices will be provided for your records.

Do you work directly with consumers?

No. We offer services to regulated financial planning firms and accordingly, this service can only be accessed via an FCA-authorised financial planner.

Can we tailor the portfolios to our firm?

Absolutely. Just choose our ‘Custom’ Option and we’ll get the process started. We’ll start by understanding your views and what customisation you want to make. Then we’ll explore the evidence to see whether this adds value to the portfolios.

Can advisers white-label the portfolio names?

Yes, this is exactly what we have in mind. For example, a firm may wish to refer to a model portfolio as CompanyNameX or alternatively, CompanyNameBetafolioX. Branding is as the discretion of the firm.

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