AdviserHangout With ClientFirst’s Jon Pittham: Inbound Vs.Outbound Marketing for Financial Planners


I recently connected with Jon Pittham of ClientFirst, for the latest edition of AdviserHangout, to discuss the pros and cons of Inbound Vs Outbound marketing for financial planners.

We talked about the importance of building a mailing list and top-of-mind positioning – i.e regularly sharing good content with prospects, so that when events in their lives and they need advice, guess where they turn?

Jon shared some insights into the SEO and Google AuthorRank.



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Set your reminders for 1:00pm on Wednesday 12th of June for the next AdviserHangout. My guest this time is Jon Pittham of ClientFirst, a leading marketing agency for financial advisory firms.

As financial planners, getting our message across to prospects and clients in an increasingly noisy online world has never been more important. We are spoilt for choice-  Newsletters, blogging, videos but are we doing it right? So what is the most effective way of getting found by prospective clients online?

Creating content is one thing, getting it to rank high in search result in another. In fact you might actually get penalised by Google for getting something wrong in the way you create and promote your content?

  • There are all sorts of terms being used in online marketing these days but what is the difference between inbound and outbound/SEO marketing beyond one being ‘closed’ and the other ‘open’?

Inbound marketing is seen mostly as a way to keep in touch with existing clients or prospects rather than gaining new ones but does it give your business the opportunity to be discovered in the same way as SEO? And given the growing importance of SEO and specifically Google, one might be tempted to argue that it’s more important to focus on outbound rather than inbound. In other words, why make something available to a small select when you can make it available to wider audience.?

Content in king but people are finding that it’s becoming increasing difficult to great new and engaging content, how can planners find/create new engaging content?  I am also going to be asking Jon about AuthorRank, Google’s new system of ranking content online and why this is important for financial planners?

The idea of white-labelling content or content library where you can choose from a menu of articles is one that is used by many advisers but my understand is that Google penalises you for this. So is there any point in bothering with this at all?

So join Jon and I as we slice and dice this very important subject. If you have any questions, just tweet me or drop them in the comment box below.



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